My menu plan is now sponsored by the great people over at Better Batter Flour.  The menus will also be published at Start Gluten Free, an online resource made to welcome people into the gluten free living community and help them not feel overwhelmed by new dietary restrictions.  I am thrilled to be a small part of this vibrant community!  Stop by and say “Hi!”


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had a great one filled with a college tour, robotics competition and Easter dinner over at our dear friend’s house.  The dinner was delicious and between Wii games and Peep jousting, it was a blast.  Thanks, Karol!

Heather of Celiac Family is hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week.  She picked banana as the theme.   Bananas are a big deal at my house.  Usually, I don’t even get a chance to get a banana as my kiddos munch them all down.   To make banana bread I even have to hide bananas to get them ride enough by tucking them into cupboards where they can’t be found.  What I do for banana bread- LOL!  🙂  Other things we like to make with banana are Banana Pecan Oatmeal Bread and a variety are smoothies.  How do you eat bananas at your house?

Freezer cooking plan for the week:  Banana-Blueberry Muffins and White Bean & Ham Soup for the Slow Cooker are making their way to my freezer this week.  I’ll be freezing half of the muffins for another week for breakfasts and school snacks.

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The week’s breakfast options:  Banana-Blueberry Muffins (making a double batch and freezing half for another week), Hunter’s BreakfastBaked Apple Oatmeal, eggs and various fruits.

The week’s lunch options:  Left-over Easter ham or nut butter sandwiches on Noah RollsPotato-Lentil Kachoris, and various fruits and veggie sticks.

Deviled Egg Salad

Gluten & Dairy Free Mac’n “Cheese”

Chicken with Cauliflower and Apples





Printable grocery list for this week’s dinner menu. 


Monday:  Deviled Egg Salad with Texas Roadhouse Clone


Tuesday:  Gluten & Dairy Free Mac & “Cheese” with added ham and peas and a mixed greens salad


Wednesday:  Chicken with Cauliflower and Apples


Thursday:  Tortilla & Black Bean PieSanta Fe-Style Quinoa Saladand orange slices


Friday:  White Bean & Ham Soup for the Slow Cooker with Vegan Yankee Style Creamed Corn Cornbread and Pecan Sandies

For the freezer:   Make a double batch of  White Bean & Ham Soup for the Slow Cooker Allow the second batch to cool while you eat dinner, then put into a gallon sized freezer bag.  Remove as much air as possible, label and freeze.

Need more menu planning inspiration?  Head over  for Menu Plan Monday at Organized Junkie.  For an awesome month long gluten free money saving menu, see Melissa’s December GF menu plan at Stockpiling Moms.