This week we’re starting a new year, but what I need is some old school comfort food. Pulled pork, grilled sandwiches dipped in soup, stuffed omelettes with baked goods brimming with cinnamon… so good! Everything is gluten and dairy free, of course, with more veggies and less sugar, but with all the flavor and comfort my family (and myself) need this week. It should hit the spot. 🙂

What are your favorite comfort foods?

Monday: Slow cooker pulled pork on mashed cauliflower with red cabbage and apple slaw
Tuesday: Grilled sandwiches and tomato soup with Tex-Mex Chopped Salad
Wednesday: Turkey Shepherd’s pie with mashed sweet potato topping and salad
Thursday: Denver omelettes, homemade beef sausage with gluten and dairy free cinnamon amish friendship bread
Friday: Teriyaki chicken with Wild Rice Sweet Potato Salad with Pepitas and broccoli