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Nutritional Information

I have had several requests for me to add the nutritional information to my recipes –  for diabetics, people using Weight Watchers points, etc.  The truth is, I would love to and have a great program for running that information BUT the time it takes for me to input the recipe, run the program, edit the post, etc. makes adding this info not an option for me at this time.

There are several free programs on the web that you can use to run recipes through for nutritional information.  I am not sure on the accuracy or how well any of them work, so I can’t recommend a specific one.  If anyone has one they use and like, please let us know.  Thanks!

If you really would like me to run the nutritional info and not do it yourself, I will need to charge a fee for this service.  $5 for each recipe with a minimum of five recipe’s nutritional information requested ($25).  I will need to know the recipes you are requesting (minimum of 5) via email and receive payment via paypal before proceeding.  The information will then be added to the recipes you requested on the site for everyone to share and also sent to you via email.  I will include a printable pdf of the recipes as recipe cards in your return email as a bonus.


Thank you for understanding that I run this as a free blog, at my own cost, in my spare time.  As a busy mom of 3 kids, “spare time” isn’t something I have a lot of right now.  🙂