AK canning jarHead over to MJ’s for Freezer Food Friday.  She has Make-Ahead Mexican Meat Mixture which is a naturally gluten and dairy free recipe.  Woo!  Go check it out.  Then come on back with your gluten free freezer recipe link.  If you have a gluten free freezer recipe to share, let me know in the comments and I will add you to the round up!  Come join in on the fun!

Freezer Food Friday


To Join in on Gluten Free-zer Friday:

1. If you would like to participate in Gluten Free-zer Friday, simply email your post link to your gluten free freezer recipe (angelas_kitchenATcomcastDOTnet) or leave a comment below and I will add you to the roundup.

2. Link back to this post on the post with the recipe you have linked.

This week I thought I would get back to those adaptions for Once a Month Mom.  So, here they are!  In two weeks I will be posting the dinners.  I will not be putting the instructions and grocery lists up as they were too much of a time thing for me which in the long run prevented me from getting posts up (bummer), but I figure the recipes are the important part.

Head over to Once a Month Mom for the big day instructions (just be sure to use your good judgement on what applies to your gluten and dairy free selves).  For the grocery lists, cut and paste to Word or your favorite application the ingredients for each recipe.  Sort out by type of food or area of the store as you choose, or just leave as is.  Happy cooking!

**edit 2-22-10:  If you are looking for the February Dinner adaptions, you can find them here.

February 2010 Once a Month Mom Gluten & Dairy Free Adapted Breakfasts & Lunches


Gluten Free Dairy Free Stuffed Pancake Muffins


GFCF Pancake Muffins (mix a single batch at a time)

Angela’s Note:  I’d make one batch filled or with a mix-in, then another batch plain or with cinnamon sugar topping.  I made some (with the same amount of batter per muffin) in a canoe pan which the kids thought were fun and very easy to dip.



AK canning jar


I haven’t made the granola, but I suspect you could lower the oil in the recipe a bit.  I may try it this weekend if I have some gluten free oats laying around here.

If you need an entirely oat-free granola try this, this, or this one.  Or you could make the below recipe with a blend of buckwheat, quinoa and rice flakes in place of the gluten free oats.


Crystal’s Lazy Granola (make a double batch)





GFCF Banana Pancakes (make a double batch)





AK canning jar




Hearty Hamburger Soup (make a double batch of original recipe)






Gluten Free Dairy Free Beef & Lentil Slow Cooker Stew

Beef & Lentil Slow Cooker Stew (make a double batch)
AK canning jarFor the Gluten Free Beef Empanadas make one batch of the Double Batch Gluten Free Pie Crust.  You will need to make 4 pie crust recipes.
AK canning jar
Sloppy Joes (Make a double batch.) I would probably make the sloppy joes I usually make in the slow cooker, but multiply it 4 to 6 times, or the turkey sloppy joes and multiply that 2-3 times. You pick!
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