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About Me

Angela Litzinger

Angela’s Kitchen was one of the very first gfcf blogs and has the longest running offering of gluten free, dairy free freezer recipes (since 2006!) and freezer cooking plans and menu plans on the net.

Angela Litzinger

Recipe Developer, Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expert, Food Photographer, Educator

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Angela has had vast experience cooking dairy free (since 1994) and gluten free (since 2001) for her family and herself.  She understands first hand the frustrations and joy that comes with a gluten and dairy free diet.  Her cooking goals after diagnosis were to develop recipes and menu plans to not just taste as good at the “pre-gluten-free” days, but ones that would fit the needs of a growing, busy family who loves to eat.

An expert in gluten and dairy free recipe  development and living, Angela teaches gluten and dairy free cooking classes, contributes articles and recipes to numerous publications, speaks at local and national organizations, ran a GFCF support group,  and works as a consultant with local stores and restaurants about gluten and dairy free options along with implementing staff training and education on celiac and the gluten free diet.  She is also a speaker for FAAN, talking with schools, restaurants, bakeries and stores on important allergy issues.  Whether you have a dairy and gluten allergy or are the designated cook for a household with a celiac, Angela Litzinger combines an extensive knowledge-base and teaching background to guide you though gluten free and dairy free cooking, so that cooking can be a joy again.

As a Master Food Preserver, Angela also enjoys combining a love of gardening and locally grown produce into delicious fermented, dried, and canned goods for the pantry for her family and in the food preserving classes she teaches.

e-mail:  angela(at)angelaskitchen(dot)com

The above picture is from when my oldest daughter (at the age of 9) had her very first gluten and dairy free pizza out at a restaurant.  It was so exciting for her (and me)!  Things sure have changed from when we first started eating gluten free!  If you are in the food industry, never underestimate the impact you make when you provide a safe and delicious experience for a food allergic patron.   🙂