I am hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap and have chosen “Get your grill on!” for this week’s theme.  Ya’ll know how much I love my grill.  🙂

Some of my favorite grilling recipes are also freezer recipes.  The reason?  In the summer I would rather play outside in my garden, or hang out with the kids.  If I do wander into the kitchen, I would rather be canning.  Being able to pull something out of the freezer, thaw it, then toss it on the grill is perfect for me.  As a lot of grilling meats are on sale in the summer which also helps my budget.  I buy them on sale, then package up in different flavor marinades.  The best part about grilling?  I can pass off the grill tending to others in my family while I pull together a salad.  Easy-peasy for me!

Honey Chicken Kabobs

If you need some grill-time inspiration, I have a bunch of marinades for summer grilling you can freeze ahead of time whenever your favorite grilling items are on sale.  Also, kabobs (I love kabobs!) for you to try.  I like to mix up my marinades ahead of time, pop in the meat, then toss the whole thing in the freezer.  I also like to freeze already seasoned hamburgers, such as Mexi-BurgersSpinach Burgers, or California Turkey Burgers)


Monday:  Mommy works/track practice/Boy Scout meeting

Gluten and Dairy Free Veggie Lasagna and a salad


Tuesday:  Jazz band/chamber orchestra/track practice/newspaper club/piano lessons (whew…!) and soccer starts

Juicy Turkey Apple Burgers, mixed green salad and Broccoli Sunshine Salad


Wednesday:  Symphony orchestra/track practice/dance lessons/youth group

Green Chile Tacos as a taco salad with all the fixin’s


Thursday:  Jazz band/track practice/Girl’s in Action/Honor Student Celebration

Spinach burgers, salad and herbed oven roasted potatoes


Friday:  track practice

Asian-Style Ribs, rice, Stir-fried Bok choy


What is on everyone else’s plate this week?

Carrie of Ginger Lemon Girl has a mostly paleo menu up with some amazing sounding meals:  Spinach Salad with warm Bacon Dressing (YUM!), organic hot-dog with sauerkraut and a baked sweet potato, a quick summer squash hash, scrabbled eggs, sausage and sautéed spinach (I love breakfast for dinner!), and taco salads.  She also has Braised Five Spice Chicken with Vegetables on her menu, which I need to try.  It sounds delicious!

Debbie at Debbie Does Dinner Healthy also has a tasty sounding menu of Cabbage Kidney Bean Casserole, chicken tenders & Smokey Tomato Risotto, hamburgers & Roasted Mustard Potatoes, Sweet Potato & Spinach Casserole, Huevos Rancheros, Pineapple Meatballs (my kids would love these!) and for dessert, Strawberry Coconut Breakfast Bars.  Yum!

Paige at Not Missing a Thing finds that menu planning helps with those nights when you have extra activities like baseball, dance and FaithGirls.   I agree!  This week she is serving mini-meatloaves and oven fried potatoes, seasoned ground beef and rice, pork tenderloin and potatoes in the crockpot, Gina chicken over rice, pizza, hamburgers on the grill, and salad dressing chicken and rice.  Sounds like a tasty week at their house!

Heather at Celiac Family not only has some tasty grill ideas (think burgers, steaks, corn on the cob and beef kabobs) but also sides to go with your grilled meal such as potato salad, corn and black bean salad, cold wild rice salad (I need to make this one!) and tropical black bean salad.   This week she is serving French Toast and tropical fruit salad, grilled beef kabobs, pulled pork sandwiches and rainbow apple salad, Tuscan chicken and green beans, grilled burgers and corn on the cob, and chicken teriyaki served with rice and broccoli.  If you want to host the Gluten Free Menu Swap in the upcoming weeks, drop Heather a line and she will set it up as she is the organizer of the Swap.  She would love to hear from you!  🙂

Wendy at Celiacs in the House has a wonderful menu of BBQ chicken thighs, Mexican Bowl with leftover chicken, collards with bacon and garlic topped with fried eggs, grilled marinated flank steak over spring greens, beef fried rice with leftover steak, fish cakes and kale slaw, and pizza with cauliflower crust (I have got to try this).  Keep and eye on Wendy’s blog because she is taking part in the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness KISS series during this month of Celiac Awareness Month.  So exciting!

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