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While checking out some other blogs that do freezer cooking, I came across Tricia at Once a Month Mom. She has a great offering where every month she makes a freezer plan, makes the grocery list and freezer labels, and writes up instructions so you and a friend can successfully complete your freezer cooking day all done up on lovely excel spread sheets.  All for free.  Be still my heart!  Trust me, I know this takes a lot of time and planning, and I love what she has put into her plans to make a Once a Month cooking day work.  Tricia also has a section with freezer plans for those of you feeding babies so you can make some food for your sweet babe and have all that homemade goodness on hand.  She was gracious enough to let me adapt the September 2009 menu to gluten and dairy free and post it here.  Thanks Tricia!

Due to my schedule and all my “helpers” I don’t usually do such a big cooking day.  So, I have divided the September plan into 2 parts for this week (Breakfasts and Lunches) and next week (Dinners).  I did switch the White Chicken Chili to the one on my blog, because it is a family fav, but the rest is adapted from Tricia’s plan and instructions.  As most of my family is out of the house during this time of year during lunchtime, most of the lunches will most likely be used as suppers – except the corn dog muffins (which should be great in the lunch box).  Happy cooking!

Head over to MJ’s for Freezer Food Friday, then stop on back if you have a gluten free freezer recipe.  We would love to have you join in the fun!  MJ has a Sweet and Tangy Brisket for the slow cooker this week that sounds great and it is naturally gluten and dairy free (just use GF ingredients).



Participating in Gluten Free-zer Friday:

1. If you would like to participate in Gluten Free-zer Friday, simply email your post link to your gluten free freezer recipe (angelas_kitchenATcomcastDOTnet) or leave a comment below and I will add you to the roundup.

2. Link back to this post on the post with the recipe you have linked.

So, what’s on the menu for September?  Below is the September breakfast and lunch menu with links to the original recipe.  Be sure to check out Once a Month Mom and her great site!

The Plan:

Please note that all recipes have been altered (increased quantities) to meet the needs of TWO people participating in a OAM Cooking Day. It is indicated on each recipe whether it has been doubled or quadrupled for your convenience. If you are just one person or would like to make less of a particular recipe, you will need to make the adjustments on your own to the recipe and to the grocery shopping list.  (Angela’s note:  I will just cook this all as one person as my family is so big and hungry!  The assignments helps me break the tasks up to have the kids help and to help me remember what to do next, so that will be how I use them.)


Helpful Hint:   Assign one person to be Person A and one Person to be Person B

Read through the instructions and be familiar with the tasks that you are responsible for during the day.

Washing dishes as you go will likely be necessary, it is not written into the instructions as everyone has different needs and equipment. It is best to have whoever finished a task wash the dishes they just used before proceeding onto further tasks.


Printable Instructions for September 2009 Gluten Free Dairy Free Breakfast and Lunch Freezer Plan


Grocery list for September 2009 Gluten Free Dairy Free Breakfast & Lunch Freezer Cooking Plan


Breakfast and Lunch Recipes for September 2009:

You will need to pick the “cheese” sauce you could like to use.  One is nut free, which is a great option for those with tree nut allergies.  Our family likes them both.  You will just need to make one batch of a “cheese” sauce.

Both “cheese” sauces can be found here:  Cashew Cheesy Sauce and Mild “Cheese” Sauce or Spread





Gluten and Dairy Free Apple Strussel Muffins  (Make a double batch.  You will need 4 gallon freezer bags.)  Adapted from my GFCF Rhubarb Strussel Muffins)




Gluten and Dairy Free Sliver Dollar Pear Pancakes (Make a double batch.  You will need 4 gallon sized freezer bags and waxed paper to store in the freezer.)Adapted from perfectpancake.net – pancake recipe by Angela Litzinger of test.angelaskitchen.com


Eggwiches – Make a double batch. You will also need to bake a double batch of the gluten and dairy free muffins from karina’s kitchen or my gluten and dairy free hamburger buns.  You can also use your favorite gluten and dairy free bread to make the sandwiches if that is how you roll.  (Ingredients to make Karina’s Kitchen English muffins are on the shopping list) You will need plastic wrap & 2 gallon freezer bags.Adapted from Marianne @Writermommy.com by Angela Litzinger of test.angelaskitchen.com



Gluten Free Dairy Free Corn Dog Muffins –  Bake a double batch (for 24 muffins)



White Bean Chicken Chili adapted (just a tiny bit) from allrecipes.com (posted on test.angelaskitchen.com here.)  Note:  You will be making two batches of chili, for a total of 4 gallon sized freezer bags.  I left the recipe alone as it will be easier to keep the amounts divided, especially if you only have one crock.  If you have 2 6 quart crock pots, go ahead and mix each chili amount at the same time to cook.  If you have one crock, mix, cook, and cool as directed earlier in the morning, then put the second batch into the crock to cook so it will be finished in the evening.  The ingredients for both batches are on the shopping list.




Black Beans & Brown Rice (make a double batch)






Carole’s Chili – (make a double batch)