GFCF Girl Scout Fun! (Week menu)

by angelaskitchen on July 25, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, my daughters and I headed to Girl Scout day camp.  It was a  week of hiking, songs, swimming, games, crafts, dancing, fire building, and cooking on the fire.  Very fun and cute, but of course there is the entire FOOD question.  The camp director was great about getting me the menus and recipes ahead of time so we could bring things that would work for us.  I don’t expect  people to work out our food for us for several reasons:  I worry about cross contamination, I know the ingredients MUCH better then the cooks there probably do, and I want it to be as little of a big deal as possible for others so they get a bit of education about allergen-free cooking without being overwhelmed and irritated by the whole thing.

The camp gave me permission to share the menu and recipes here along with my adaptions of them.  No one will claim that this is the end-all of healthy eating but, hey, it’s camp!  The recipes are just basic Girl Scout recipes for camping that kids as young as 6 and 7 year-old can help cook.  I will just put in a day’s recipes at a time in the next few entries in the interests of time (for myself) and shorter entries to slog though.

Menu For The Week

Brownie Units


Lunch in the Dining Hall

Hot Dogs, Chips, Fruit & veggies, Baked beans

Snack :

Edible Fires (in units) – see recipe, below


Lunch in Unit

Tacos in a Bag

Snicker Salad


Snack :



Lunch in Unit

Girl Scout Gumbo

Frito’s Chips or other GF corn chip

Fruit Salad



Goin’ Fishin’


Lunch in Unit

Campfire Pizza

Veggies & Dip (we will skip the dip)



Ants on a Log


Lunch in the Dining Hall

Cook’s Choice – Dining Hall


Shhh, it’s a Surprise!

On Monday, we brought our own GFCF hot dogs, grab bags of GFCF chips,  and the personal sized (7.5 oz.) cup of Bush’s original baked beans.  We ate the raw veggies and fruit from the camp and drank lemonade and water.  If you are not sure about the cross-contamination risk of the camp you are attending, bring individually packaged bags of veggies and fruits for your camper.

Info about Bush’s can be found here.  

Info about Jet-Puff can be found here, here and here.  

Info about Pik-Nik Sticks can be found here and here

Info about Welshire Farm can be found here and here.

Girl Scout Edible Fire Snack - gluten & dairy free
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Gluten free, dairy free, gfcf, Girl Scout, camp, camping, snack
  • 1 napkin per camper
  • gluten and dairy free mini marshmallows
  • gluten and dairy free shoestring potatoes or rippled chips crushed along the ridges the long way
  • gluten and dairy free turkey or beef stick (I used Wellshire Farm no nitrate ones)
  • gluten and dairy free braided pretzels (such as Glutano or Ener-g)
  • gluten and dairy free Red Hots/candy corn/red Skittles or freeze dried raspberries or freeze dried strawberry slices
  • gluten and dairy free chocolate chips
  1. Use this snack time to teach campers the basics of fire building. Each camper builds their own ‘fire’ by following the guidelines below. You will need only about one tablespoon of each item per camper.
  2. Ground = Open up a napkin and lay it flat
  3. Fire Ring = Arrange miniature marshmallows in a circle
  4. Tinder = Lay 5-6 chow mien noodles/pick-nik sticks in the center of the fire ring
  5. Kindling = Layer pretzel sticks/turkey stick on top of the tinder
  6. Fuel = Braided pretzels on top of the kindling
  7. Flame = To ‘light’ fire, add cinnamon candies for flames
  8. Coals = As the flames die down, add chocolate chips to resemble coals that are ready to cook over.

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