Lunch in Unit:

Campfire Pizza

Veggies & Dip



Ants on a Log


Lunch in the Dining Hall:

Cook’s Choice


Shhh, it’s a Surprise!

On Thursday there was a bit of a glitch at camp.  There was a fire ban in the area, so no campfire.  That, of course, meant the girls could not cook lunch outside.  Much disappointment from the girls, but for us grown-ups it meant lunch in the air conditioned lodge building during a nasty heat wave.  Ahhhh….  The campfire pizza was dully made and passed out by the kitchen staff.  We brought our own stuff and my daughter wanted hers cold.  Worked for me, too!

Ants on a Log (or Bumps on a Log) is a regular snack for us and already GFCF if you have GFCF peanut butter without gluten bread crumbs in it (we brought a mini container of pb, just in case).

I checked with the cook earlier in the week to see what was up for Friday.  She said they were doing a combination of sandwiches and leftovers.  Easy for us!  We brought sandwiches with the fillings we felt like eating that day and had the fruits and veggies from camp.

The secret snack on the last day were individual ice cream cups.  As the camp had been passing out different types of popsicles (including Minute Maid juice pops) at the end of each day while waiting for the bus load up, I knew they had some frozen treat on hand for us.  The cook made sure to set something aside for my daughter for Friday when everyone else had the ice cream cups.  The cook was so nice, she actually gave my daughter a choice of three different items.  Very sweet of her!

You will probably notice that we had quite a bit of soy during camp week.  I know that many people with these same allergies also have trouble with soy, but we have been fortunate that is not an issue for our family.  However, we try not to eat too much soy as it is such a high allergen food.  With going to camp this week and trying to make things as much the same as possible in as easy of a way as possible, we went with more soy products this week.

All in all, camp was not that difficult for us.  It did require checking on the food ahead and bringing our own alternatives to cook up and assemble at camp.  However, everything fit into a very small soft-sided cooler with a strap I was able to tote around camp on my shoulder without problems.  We had a good time and clued in some people about the diet without making it a big deal.   We can’t wait to go again next year!!