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A fun snack for Girl Scout Camp!

The Recipe: Girl Scout Edible Fire Snack – Gluten & Dairy Free


  • 1 napkin per camper
  • gluten and dairy free mini marshmallows
  • gluten and dairy free shoestring potatoes or rippled chips crushed along the ridges the long way
  • gluten and dairy free turkey or beef stick, I used Wellshire Farm no nitrate ones
  • gluten and dairy free pretzel sticks, such as Glutano or Ener-g
  • gluten and dairy free Red Hots/candy corn/red Skittles or freeze dried raspberries or freeze dried strawberry slices
  • gluten and dairy free chocolate chips


  • Use this snack time to teach campers the basics of fire building. Each camper builds their own ‘fire’ by following the guidelines below. You will need only about one tablespoon of each item per camper.
  • Ground = Open up a napkin and lay it flat
  • Fire Ring = Arrange miniature marshmallows in a circle
  • Tinder = Lay 5-6 chow mien noodles/pick-nik sticks in the center of the fire ring
  • Kindling = Layer pretzel sticks/turkey stick on top of the tinder
  • Fuel = Braided pretzels on top of the kindling
  • Flame = To ‘light’ fire, add cinnamon candies for flames
  • Coals = As the flames die down, add chocolate chips to resemble coals that are ready to cook over.