How was your week? My father-in-law blew in for a short visit this weekend (Friday through this morning), so we had a nice weekend just relaxing with him. He hung out with my son while he worked on his car (sadly not running for a while now) and it looks like it is almost ready to get back on the road with the work they did. Yay, Zach, and thank you, Grandpa Tim!

My week at work will be quite busy heading into an event I am organizing for Saturday, but I do have Tuesday off to regroup and refresh before the craziness ensues. I’ll be doing several easy meals that are big comfort meals for me. I want something tasty to look forward to at the end of my busy days this week! 🙂 The girls will be heading off for part of the week to visit their brother in his nifty college  apartment, so my husband and I will have a couple days of knowing what an empty nest will feel like. Yikes! Though, honestly, the only thing I am anticipating is that our sweet dog will be LONELY, so I am expecting to have to give lots of doggy-love-cuddles, which will help me out, too, if I am missing them too much. Wish me luck!

Grocery list for this week’s menu is in the works. Please check back later. Thank you! 

Monday: cc practice/mom works

Slow Cooker Salsa Roast Beef and roasted cauliflower

Tuesday: cc practice/mom off

Shrimp Pad Thai and fresh cherries for dessert

Wednesday: cc practice/mom work/girls to visit brother

Slow Cooker Country Style Ribs, Updated ABC Salad and peaches

Thursday: mom works/girls visiting brother

Orange Beef Lettuce Wraps, sliced plums and cauliflower fried “rice”

Friday: mom works/girls visiting bother

Deviled Egg Salad with Black Raspberry Muffins


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