Last week I didn’t do much planning in the menu department.  It’s not that I just ignored it, but I knew I was going to the local farmer’s market on Tuesday.  I had no idea what treasures I might come away with.  Yum-yum.  We loaded up on wax and green beans, bok choy, orange beets, new potatoes, baby carrots, salad, basil, purple basil, dill, summer squashes  and green onions.  I was one happy girl.  We spent the rest of the week just opening the fridge and stir frying up what ever combo sounded good that day with what ever from the freezer.  Works for me!

Also, our bounty enabled us to put up dilled beans and to stock some in the freezer.  A friend also provided us with enough raspberries to make some tasty jam.  All that, and fire works, too.  What a good week!

AK canning jar

Head over to Laura’s blog for some Menu Plan Monday fun.  You will find great menu plans and meet some great ladies!

As you can see, again, not much planning or effort this week.  Gotta love summer!

Monday:  Veggies and scrambled eggs

Tuesday:  Chicken and Kale Stir Fry with Cauliflower “Rice”

Wednesday:  Gluten Free Dairy Free “Alfredo” Sauce with summer veggies (summer squash and sweet bell peppers) on gluten free pasta shells

Thursday:  Taco salad

Friday:  I will have my son and husband pick.  My son is going off to boy scout camp the next day for 8 days (!)  And my husband is running a triathlon in the morning, so he’s gotta fuel up!