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All recipes are gluten and dairy free.

How to go GFCF in 10 weeks, see the TACA site for information.

Information on cleaning up your kitchen when you go gluten free.

Minnesota Celiac Support Groups (last updated 8-09)

Packets from the Spring 2009 Galactosemic Families of MN meeting and the National PGC Congerence where I was honored to be a presenter.

Saving money on food…

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I was honored to be a small part of this story on diet and autism:

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Articles, photos & other randomness that doesn’t fit in anywhere else…

Blog Carnival Challenge Posts

Muppets (I love those little guys…  AND they are gluten free!)

Pet Recipes

Product Information & Reviews

Urban Chickens

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Recipes sorted by allergen or dietary need:

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Yummies and coolness from other blogs that are now family faves:

Crockpot 365

**Brownie in a mug

**Crockpot Crayons

**Crockpot Gluten Free Playdough!! (this ROCKS!)


Bifanas (Portuguese pork sandwich from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom – don’t use butter and use a gluten free bun)

Sticky Coconut Chicken (from Cooking with Kim)

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili (from a Modern Gal)

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