Since Thanksgiving our house has been slowly putting on it’s Christmas finery.  The Christmas tree is up and the lights have been added.  The ornaments aren’t on yet, but we will add a few each day until our tree is covered with the memories of past years.  The air seems to constantly smell of vanilla and cinnamon as treats are baked and frozen for gifts.  Cheerful glittered pictures and paper snowflakes are making there way home from school to adorn our windows and walls.  My children are planning and making their gifts for each other with whispers and barely stifled giggles.  Christmas carols are carefully picked out on the piano while I add all the snowman my children have made me over the years to their place along the stairs.  I love this time of year…  How has your holiday preparations been going?  Don’t tell my kids, but I can’t wait to knit these for everyone’s stocking!

We have been a bit under the weather here for a couple of days, but things are starting to look up.  My voice has decided to disappear for a bit, which my kids find so FUNNY!  Unfortunately, my son is also sick and is missing a band concert tonight which he is really disappointed about.  I will be missing my big girl’s concert tonight as well (who in the district thought concerts on the same night was a good idea, anyway?) but I will still get to see her play in another concert in a couple of weeks.  Whew!

Head over to the Organizing Junkie blog for Menu Plan Monday.  She has a cute free Holiday Baking List Printable today.  I love it!  The Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted by Wendy of Celiacs in the House.  The theme for this week is mushrooms.  I have mushrooms as one of our salad topping options and in the frittata this week.  Mmmm…

Monday: Orchestra concert

Whole roasted garlic chicken and a spinach salad with dried cranberries

Tuesday: Grocery shop/Bake gluten & dairy free bread (3 loaves – 2 plain, one cinnamon swirl.  Freeze 1 plain)/Piano lessons

Need portable dinner for piano lessons:  Mediterranean frittata, gluten free French bread, and clemintines

Wednesday: Mommy dental cleaning/bake double batch of pumpkin muffins (freeze most)/Mommy help in 2nd grade class/dance class/youth group/start blender corn bread

Cabbage roll casserole, homemade chunky applesauce and a salad

Thursday:  bake double batch cardamon-almond muffins (freeze most)/Make pumpkin pancakes (freeze for breakfasts)/Girl Scout Brownie meeting

Slow cooker white chicken chili with gluten free blender cornbread


Fish tacos, red coleslaw and mango slices

Saturday: Christmas sewing day with friends!

Sunday:  Church