My son is off to Boy Scout Camp this week (back on Saturday – the girls are counting down), which means at our house it is Princess Power week.  All girly, all the time.  We have already watched the Felicity American Girl movie, made heart shaped meatballs (yeah, nothing says “girly” like heart shaped meat) and have co-ordinated pajamas for the week (the girls, not me).  We will also be getting ready this week for nine visitors for the weekend:  Aunty Cheryl and the gang.  My kids can’t wait to see the cousins!  This means I have my menu planned out for the weekend also, because with 16-17 people around here, I better have a plan!

The girls have planned this week’s menu and they are all about cute food, and my older daughter getting “cooking lessons” from mommy.  Head over to Menu Plan Monday and the Gluten Free Menu Swap hosted this week by  Asparagus Thin  for less glitter-oriented meals!  Have a great week!

Monday: grocery shop/soccer practice

                Make chocolate chip cookies (double batch, freeze most for cousin visit)

                Make zucchini muffins (triple batch, freeze most for cousin visit)

                Make bread (freeze 2)

                Pancakes, berry, banana and plain served with maple syrup and more berries

                   Fish and pretty-colorful-veggies-in-cute-shapes packets (assembled by the girlies), grilled herbed zucchini

Tuesday:  Mini-girl soccer

                 Make bread (triple batch, freeze 3)

                 Almost Cheese Burgers (adapted to dairy free using cashew cheese sauce from my daughter’s gluten free kid’s cookbook Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults by Connie Sarros), salad with berries

Wednesday:  Last soccer game of the season for my big girl!!

                    Slow cooker Mu Shu Chicken Wraps (will post recipe on Thursday for Slow Cooker Thursday), salad, and more BERRIES!!  woo!

Thursday:    Make walnut waffles and freeze for weekend.

                   Mini Garden Veggie Princess Pizza, pea pod salad and berry sundays

Friday:      Grocery shop for the weekend!!

                  Cook up sausage for tomorrow’s breakfast…

                  Make double batch of Ranch Dressing and Orange Poppy Seed Dressing

                  Beef and Broccoli Lo-Mein, rice, fruit

Saturday:  Walnut waffles, sausage, lots and lots of fresh fruit

                     Sandwiches, salad, and all the fixin’s

                     Grilled honey mustard chicken, salad with orange poppy seed dressing, sweet corn, root beer floats  

                  (start cinnamon rolls for morning, rise in fridge)

Sunday:   Cinnamon rolls, cereal, fruit

                   Sandwiches, salad, and all the fixin’s

                   Slow Cooker Pulled-pork Barbeque sandwiches, salad with ranch dressing, fresh fruit

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Monday, July 21, 2008 – 06:24 PM
Would you mind letting me know when you post the recipe for the Mu Shu Chicken Wraps?  Thanks!Hope you have a great week!

Monday, July 21, 2008 – 06:50 PM
Sure thing!  It will be my “Slow Cooker Thursday” entry this week, hopefully with photos from the night before.