So, while standing in line waiting to see the nifty Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota, my son and I see a photo of Yoda (Yoda, you will always be Grover in my heart!) doing some sort of fancy Jedi leap.  My son turns to me and says, “Hey, I know what kind of birthday cake I want this year!”  (Gulp!)  Noticing the slight glazing of the eyes and my incoherent muttering about fondant he must of taken pity on me, because he changed his mind from Yoda to the Millennium Falcon.  Bless you, my son.  Of course, he is almost 13.  It could have been a ploy to get me to panic so that a Millennium Falcon cake would seem like, well, a piece of cake in comparison.

Here are some cakes I found on the internet:

   eHow, which tag-line says “How to do just about everything” has instructions on How to make a Millennium Falcon Cake…  So I guess their tag-line is true!  But not quite what I was looking for.

   Gizmodo has one made by Charm City Cakes that my son will NOT be getting, because, face it, I am the one making it.  But check it out!  It is amazing!  Just don’t let my son see it, ‘kay?

    Nor will he receive this cake featured on cause, ya know, I just don’t have the frosting power of the force and never went to Jedi cake decorating school.

This cake featured on the Great White Snark is more my speed (though not that big or I will be as big as the Millennium Falcon when done – mmmmm, frosting…).  If you have little geeky types running around your house, you have to check out this blog of geekdom snarkiness.  They have a Geeky Curiosity of the Week featuring some fabulous (or not so) geek-themed (supper hero, si-fi, etc.) birthday, baby shower, anniversary and wedding cakes.  Yes, wedding, as in, “Wow, you know what would really set the tone for our marriage?  A Jabba the Hutt cake.”  Yeah!  Nothing says “I love you” quite like Jabba…

Look!  Our Christmas card photo is all set!