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This week my son is at Boy Scout camp for 8 days.  My husband also went to help out with Boy scout camp 2 of those days after he did his triathalon on Saturday.  (Just so you know, he did great!)  That means the girls and I get to have “Princess Power”  Week.  All girlie all the time!!  Woo-hoo!!  Daddy is home now and has been graciously bestowed honorary princess status by the girls for the rest of the week.  (hee-hee)

The girls have picked the menu (yes, my menu plan this week has been planned by a 9 and 4 year-old!)  And you will see what passes for party time girlie food around here.  Much will be mini sized ‘cause, ya know, small food is cute food!

Head over to Laura’s blog for Menu Plan Monday to see all the great ideas (for all who managed to get themselves together faster than I did this week)!

Sunday:  GFCF Spaghetti with yellow summer squash and mini turkey meatballs and garlic toast

Monday:  Mini turkey burgers with “baby” tomatoes and carrots, and pickles.  You gotta have pickles!

Tuesday:  Princess Pancakes and sausages with fruit  (mini GFCF pancakes with sprinkles, blueberries or banana slices cooked in them)

Wednesday:  BLTs (cut into triangles with frilly toothpicks holding them together) and Princess Berry Salad

Thursday:  Tiara Tacos with all the fixings

Friday:  Mini GFCF pizzas (these with be shaped and “decorated” by the girls, probably heart shaped, I am sure)

Saturday:  Princess Scepters (mini GFCF corndogs and veggie sticks)

We also picked up a bushel of mini cukes today at the farmer’s market.  I am showing the girls how I brine them (it takes a couple of days) then we will be canning them on Friday.

Menu Plan…Tuesday:  Princess Power Week Edition

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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Friday, July 20, 2007 – 08:49 PM
Mini cukes?  ??????

Monday, July 23, 2007 – 10:14 PM
Tiny little cucumbers 2-2 1/2 inches long.  A bushel made 16 quarts of pickles!  That is a lot of cucumbers to scrub clean!