I am fighting off a bit of the plague a cold this week, so got the Gluten Free Menu Swap up a bit late this week.  Sorry!  This post will be updated in a bit with our menu.  🙂  The theme this week is “Trying new things.”  What new things do you want to try (a food, a cooking technique, etc.) or what new twists would you like to do with old favorites?

One thing I am going to do this next year is expand the types of things I ferment.  I already make homemade coconut yogurt, kimchi, etc. but there are several things I would love to try.  One big thing is to really perfect gluten free sourdough (my starter has been a bit inconsistent), make soaked gluten free granola and to make dairy free fermented coconut kefir (not just coconut water kefir, which I already make).  I love fermenting!

Monday:  Daddy has the day off!!/No school/CZ ski meet

Gluten & Dairy Free Loaded Potato Skins and a big salad

Tuesday:  No school/make pumpkin muffins/make beef stock/make kimchi

Gluten & dairy free beef stroganoff (last of the left over prime rib roast from Christmas) and salad


Roast chicken, almond brocoli, and salad

Thursday:  Make chicken stock



What is on everyone else’s plate?

Wendy of Celiacs in the House is tried something new from a new GF cookbook.  That is something I need to commit to also (I need to dip into more of the fabulous blogs and cookbooks and use the tasty things in there!)  Check out the yummy looking Pasta with Spinach and Roasted Tomatoes she made – Yum!  For the rest of the week they are having Chicken Fried Rice with lots of broccoli, dinner out, Meatloaf with roasted root veggies and kale, pizza night, ham and potato casserole and leftovers.  Sounds delicious!