If you prefer baking by weights instead of volume, here is a chart to help with converting recipes.  It was compiled by Janice at realfoodmadeeasy.ca a year or so ago, however her site seems to be down.  Fortunately, I have a screen shot of the page.  Yay!  This is a great resource if you are needing to sub out a particular gluten free flour or starch if you  don’t want to measure the flours yourself.  🙂

All recipes on my blog are written using volume as that is what most home bakers use.  The recipes are measured after stirring the gluten free flour with a spoon, spooning the flour into the measuring cup, then leveling it off with a straight edge.

Remember that if you do want to replace a gluten free flour with another, remember to replace with one with similar properties.  I use this chart from Carol Fenster to help with choosing flours for blending my gluten free flour ratios.  Hope that helps your baking endeavors.  Happy baking!