The biggest question I am usually asked is how to save money on food, especially with prices on the rise.  One way, of course, is to plan your menu for the week around the sale items for the week or month.  I usually also stock up on items I use often when they are on sale, storing them until needed so I won’t pay full price later.  You can also join your local food co-op.  Most have member discounts and a once a year dividend.  You can find a local co-op by checking the Co-op Directory Service.

The other big way we save is by being part of a local buying club that gets it’s food from the supplier of the local co-ops and natural food sections of the grocery stores.  The one we are part of gets it’s food from United Natural Foods Buying Clubs(UNFI).  On their home page on the left is a link to how to find a buying club near you.  Some things you can buy just one or two of, but you generally have to buy things buy the case, but several things (such as cereal, gluten free flours and rice milk, etc.) are things I go though so much of, a case isn’t that big of a deal to get.  Other things I only order every couple of months, and other things I check with other members of the group and see if they would like to split a case with me.  Our group gets a delivery every two months, but many have monthly deliveries.

And, of course, I think the biggest way of all  to save money is to shop for the unprocessed foods (unprocessed meats, eggs, fruits, gluten free grains and veggies).  The prepackaged foods can be ultra spendy, especially when gluten and dairy free, so whip up some of you own stuff this weekend and pop it into the freezer for a busy night.  Or, when you are making a meal, double the ingredients and freeze half for another night.  It doesn’t take that must extra time as everything is already out, but it will save you loads of time and money later.  Your wallet  and taste buds will thank you.