Long time, no post.  I didn’t turn off some of my lists while I was gone, so I had 2,348 e-mails to slog through.  All that while getting ready for back to school and unpacking.  You should have seen the laundry!  But it was all worth it.  We had a blast!

I promised to post my menu for the trip and how it worked out.  Today I will just post the breakfast and lunch options, and tomorrow dinner.  For breakfast, I had quick to make and slower options depending on how quickly we wanted to get going in the morning.  For lunch, we had snack/portable type snacks in the event we were traveling in the car or hiking.

Breakfast options:


GFCF Bacon


GFCF Pancakes

Maple Syrup

Apple sauce

Egg-sa dias  (What we call an egg with left over veggies and meat cooked in 2 corn tortillas)


GFCF salsa

Cold GFCF Cereal


GFCF rice milk

Lunch/hiking snacks: (Pick something from each category)


GFCF turkey sticks

GFCF summer sausage

GFCF jerky

peanut butter/nut/sun butter


Hard boiled eggs

protein/fruit/carb mix:

gorp (good old raisins and peanuts)

snack mix


rice crackers

trail mix

GFCF cookies

left over GFCF biscuits

left over GFCF pancakes

Left over noah’s rolls

granola bar (regular for 2 and homemade GFCF for 3)

GFCF pretzels


dried fruit

fruit leather


veggie sticks (broc, carrots, celery, etc.)