Hello! It’s short and sweet (and a little late) for me this week. The girls are off to Girl Scout camp and I get to help in the kitchen and where ever else they need me. 🙂

Heather of Celiac Family is hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap. The theme is Head over to her blog for some tasty menu planning inspiration!

(I am not able to upload photos at this time. The camp connection is a little wonky. Imagine a cool watermelon tag here and fin pics from camp. I’ll have to update when I get back.)

Our menu this week is all camp food all the time. We’ve brought our own gluten free, dairy free versions of all the camp deliciousness that is happening.

Caddie breakfast for week is continental. Cereal, bagels, pop tarts, juice. My girls have gluten free bagels and dairy free cream cheese. I made a veggie packed egg bake for myself.

Sunday Caddie training day:
Snack: granola bar
Dinner: foil dinner with ham, potatoes and cheese. Oriental salad with coleslaw mix, ramen noodles, etc. Box Oven Brownies
Because the girls are training in a couple different groups, meaning some will be eating diner at 4 and some at 7, there is a back up snack/meal of hotdogs.

Monday: Lunch: Wrap sandwiches (ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese, ranch, tortilla), pickles, chips, apples, and s’mores.
Dinner: Baked Potato Bar Night with veggies and brownies

Tuesday: Walking Tacos (hamburger, cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream – build your own), spanish rice, fruit, dirt cups (chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, gummy worm).

Dinner: Everyone goes home to rest and refresh. We’ll probably have omelets and a salad.

Wednesday: Pita Pizzas (pita stuffed with cheese, sauce, pepperoni – build your own – we’ve got gluten free wraps folded in half and stuffed with pizza ingredients), lettuce salad, bananas, chocolate creatures (Chinese crunchy noodles, mini marshmallow, chocolate flavored almond bark to make little haystacks – (we’ve got gluten free chocolate crispy bars).
Dinner: Pasta bar, salad, cake. I made a gluten and dairy free lasagna for us.

Thursday :  Girl Scout Gumbo (hamburger, vegetable soup, cheese, onion, green pepper, served on Fritos – I have a gluten and diary free version), Milky Way Salad (Milky way pieces, apples, bananas, cool whip – We have vanilla coconut-based yogurt with apple slices and gluten and dairy free chocolate chips), box oven brownies.

Dinner: Hot dogs, lettuce salad, chips, watermelon, cookie.

Friday Breakfast – French toast sticks, syrup, bacon, fruit, apple juice.