For the next six weeks on Saturday and Wednesday I will be posting a different gluten free dairy free Christmas cookie you can make for your holiday cookie platter or to give as gifts.  That will be a total of 12 delicious cookies for you and your family.  Spreading out the baking over time makes it possible to have variety on your cookie platter (cookies freeze really well), but also spreads out the work, keeping the baking time fun and not a chore.  Some cookies will be linked back to an old post of a seasonal favorite.  Some cookies in the series will be new to the blog, but all the cookies are ones I make for my family.  Join me as I bake our way to Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…  Gluten Free Dairy Free Ginger Snaps!  I will be making a double batch.  A couple will go into the cookie jar, but the remainder will be divided into thirds.  One third will be packaged for Thanksgiving, one third for Christmas, and one third will be packaged up for gift cookies.