It’s summer!  Around here that means camping- at the camp ground, state park, Girl Scout or Boy Scout camp or simply in the backyard.  When our eating changed to be gluten free 11 years ago, we knew our camping food also needed to be tweaked.  On top of that, as a mom who likes to get her kiddos out to nature, I did NOT want to be simply giving them processed food packets while out in the woods.  That never really made sense or rocked for me.  Don’t get me wrong, a hot dog generally makes it’s way on our campouts (we love cooking those on sticks), but I also wanted whole foods to take the trip with us along with lots of veggies.  Of course, being the mom I also want the food to be quick and easy and FUN.  Come on- we all know food is more fun cooked over a fire, right?  🙂


Becca of Going Free and I are hosting a fun series for the summer all about camping food cooked up gluten and diary free.  About every couple of weeks we will take turns showing some fun things we like to cook up for our families while camping.  Today it is Becca’s turn with a great article on using pie irons.  She has Pie Iron Pizzas, Breakfast Pie Irons, Hamburger & Hash-Browns, Pie Iron Pies and Pie Iron Pancakes to share.  Yum!  She also shares the basics and helpful hints of pie iron cooking, so go check it out.  I am completely jealous of the double-wide pie iron she has.  🙂  I am going to have to get me one of those!


I started my blog six years ago after my girls and I went to Girl Scout camp and didn’t get sick, wanting to share how easy it was with a little planning.  Kids travel and one of the first places they do without you is camp, but a little pre-planning keeps camp a fun and safe environment for your kiddos with food allergies.  Need other camping food or camp food ideas?  I have more here.  I can’t wait to do this series with Becca.  It will be lots of fun.

Do you backpack, car camp or head to a camp-type facility with a kitchen?  What are your favorite camping foods?

Camping Gluten Free – Gluten Free/Dairy Free

Camping never tasted so good!

Pie Iron Cooking at Going Free

Coming up here on June 27:  Fire Grilled Pizza and Shortcut S’mores (making a S’more Kit for camp)