I hope you all had a great weekend!  This past weekend we celebrated a birthday…

…celebrated Easter…

…went to a movie (The Lorax), cleaned out a bit of the garden and planted seeds, and generally hung out as a family.  I love weekends when we are all snuggled up together!

Of course, my family being my family, this might be why it took 15 minutes to take a simple photo of my kids with their Easter baskets – LOL!

This week I am working on getting a couple things in the freezer for my family as I will be heading to Nourished and the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo next weekend.  I am so excited!  Who else is going?

This week Heather of the Celiac Family is our host for the Gluten Free Menu Swap.  She picked avocado as the theme this week.  Yum!  I love avocado on pretty much everything – BLT’s, salads, on eggs with some kimchi or salsa and just straight up scooped up with a spoon.  As we don’t eat dairy, avocados lend a creaminess (and tasty flavor) to dishes that normally have cheese or sore cream such as tacos, nachos, and any sort of wrap.  One of the most unusual ways that I like using avocado is in chocolate pudding (as inspired by Amy Green.  Her avocado chocolate frosting is AMAZING!)

Monday:  Mom works/track practice/Boy Scout meeting/Girl Scout dace practice

Glazed chicken breasts and rice (make extra for the weekend) with a salad

Tuesday:  Track practice/piano lessons

Pizza and salad (make extra pizza for the freezer)

Wednesday:  Mommy works/track practice/dance lessons/youth group

GF wrap sandwiches, salad and fruit (make an extra sandwich for road trip)

Thursday:  Diving to Chicago (lunch packed for the car ride)

Home:  dinner nachos

Friday:  Nourished

Home:  nitrate free hot dogs, seasoned sweet potato fries and salad

Saturday – Sunday:  Gluten & Allergen Free Expo

Home dinners:  Pizza and salad and hamburgers with salad and tots

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