Today the kids all headed back to school, spring break over.  So far, this year’s maple tapping brought 4 cups first-run syrup.  I  just boiled down some more sap from the past few days and got another 6 cups.  Ya-hoo!  Not too bad from 6 little taps.  Last year we got a total of 10 cups of syrup, so I feel like we are doing pretty well so far, with hopefully a couple more weeks to go.  Thanks to my son who helps tap the trees and gather the sap!  Next week to start the new food preserving series, I’ll show you how we tap trees, boil off the sap and finally, how to can your tasty syrup so it lasts  through out the year.

Don’t forget to join me next Monday for the Gluten Free Celebrations blog carnival.  If you have a great gluten free recipe you use to celebrate with family and friends, please join me in the party.

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  For the Gluten Free Menu Swap, see Celiacs in the House.  She picked noodles as the theme in honor of National Noodles Month.  Mmmm…  noodles…  I had no idea they had a month, but, trust me, I am ready to eat me some GF noodles in support!

If you have a hankering to try your hand at making your own gluten free noodles this weekend, try these recipes:

Ginger Lemon Girl

Kate the Bake

Elise Wiggins at Alternative Cook

Simply Gluten Free

Monday: Boy Scout meeting/dance lesson

Sesame Chicken with green beans and brown rice

Tuesday: No piano this week

Turkey Sloppy Joes with homemade gluten free buns and a salad

Wednesday: dance lessons/mommy teach gluten free dairy free class

Molasses Drumsticks, salad and orange slices

Thursday: Brownie Girl Scout Meeting

Bison & Sweet Potato Stew with a salad

Friday: host Gluten Free-zer Friday (I’ld love it if you would join me!)/Mommy help in the school library

Kid’s choice.  I need to see what the kiddo’s would like to help make for dinner.  I am betting noodles will get a big YES!

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What was I cooking…?

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