…due to more seasonal yuckiness.  My littlest one is now ill.  I am so far keeping the illness at bay for me with cranberry, kombucha tea and zinc.  Back germs, back!!  

I am using this time to rest and cuddle with my sweetpeas.  Obviously we need the slow down time right now.  Back for sure on Friday with Gluten Free-zer Friday in case anyone would like to join in.  I will hopefully get last week’s Gluten Free-zer Friday recipe up by then, also, and update how I packed up my oldest daughter’s food for her trip (she was all better and set to go in time, thank goodness.  And the laundry is even caught up.  Yay!)

See you soon!  Hope you are all staying healthy!

I’m walking 60 miles in the Breast Cancer 3-day!  Will you help me reach my goal