Above are all the kiddos hanging out at our house this weekend.  Count them – TEN!!  It was the weekend of the cousin invasion.  The kids had a great time hanging out with each other and going to the zoo.  I hope you all have a great time on the rest of your trip and we hope to see you again really soon!  Thanks for staying with us!

This week I am going to try to give our food budget a bit of a rest and use some stuff up in the freezer, pantry and garden.

My goal is to buy very little this week.  After the cousin invasion and our big food order coming this weekend for the buying club we could use the break!  Fortunately, I am pretty well stocked up as I try to pick stuff up on sale and my garden is going crazy (as long as the bunnies and deer stay away from it).  Lucky me!

Head over to Menu Plan Monday for some great menus.  This week she mentions that her kids’ church camp provided the menu to her so she could try and match up food for her son with food allergies.  I love hearing about that sort of thing.  It is such a blessing to families like ours!

For an all gluten free menus, head over to the Gluten Free Menu Swap hosted this week by Cooking & Uncooking.  The theme ingredient this week is coconut.  Woo!  I love it!  We use coconut a lot around here, the oil, “meat,” milk and coconut water.  We make coconut water kefir following these instructions, except, as I don’t have a machete around the house, I use Harvest Bay Coconut Water.  Beside drinking coconut kefir, we will be using coconut yogurt and coconut milk to be refining several smoothie recipes for the upcoming braces that my oldest daughter will be getting in a couple of weeks.

Cooking & Uncooking started the swap entry with “Put the lime in the COCONUT, and mix it all up…”  I started laughing so hard the kids had to see what was so funny!  The kiddos and I just sang that in the car coming home from Bible day camp today.  My kiddos know it from the Muppet Show.  You can see Kermit sing it here.  I love that little frog…

I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday:  Day camp (everyone brings their own lunch – Yay!)/Son’s youth Group Bible Study

        Baked Potatoes stuffed with leftover Pulled Pork Barbeque, veggie sticks

Tuesday:  Day camp/Little girl soccer/bake bread

        Apricot Glazed Pork Tenderloins and salad with fresh garden veggies

Wednesday:  Day camp/Mommy works 6 hours/post Daring Bakers Challenge

       Slow Cooker Chicken Legs, salad and garden veggies

Thursday:  Day camp/prep any food needed for tomorrow’s sleepover and restock mini pizzas and cupcakes in freezer

      Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches, salad and garden veggies

Friday:  Day camp/Mommy works 9 hours/big girl to birthday sleepover…

        BLT’s, salad and garden veggies

The cousins AND the rest of the crew…

(minis Jen, who was taking the photo)

     The girls LOVED having a baby around!

The girly-girls playing house.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008 – 12:57 AM
Hi Angela,
Great blog!  I will be more than happy to send you a copy of the samosa recipe.  Just give me about a day or so (probably less since I’ll use any excuse to avoid my paper) to type it up for you.  I found it in a book called Real Food, Real World.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 – 10:39 PM
Wow.. We got some great looking kids don’t we.. Miss you guys already..Love you