This week is hardly inspired, however, it’s here and that is what counts…  I have a bit of extra work time to put in this week to make up for the past few weeks of science fair, Girl Scout overnight, class teaching, conferences, along with the usual craziness.  So, the crock pot and leftovers are helping me out this week.

Head over to Menu Plan Monday for a round up of tasty ideas!

Monday:  Boy Scout Court of Honor Night:  Confetti Scrambled Eggs and Pineapple (simply scrambled eggs with the      addition of diced green, red and yellow peppers and chopped spinach)

Tuesday:  Piano Lessons:  Buffalo Burgers and Spinach Salad

Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken with salad, again…

Thursday:  Girl Scout Meeting:  left over Chicken Wild Rice Soup or Buffalo and Sweet Potato Stew with Cornbread

Friday:  Woo-hoo! Spring break for the kiddos begins!  Dinner’s still up in the air, but I am betting the kids will pick Mama’s homemade gluten free pizza and I have to think of a tasty treat to go with it!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday, March 10, 2008

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008 – 11:09 PM
You mean Friday isn’t always “pizza night” in everyone’s house?

Thursday, March 13, 2008 – 05:43 PM
I was trying to get them to agree to “brussel sprout night”, but there were no takers….