On Sunday morning we woke up a bit sad knowing out short trip was at an end.  We were already missing Grandma and Grandpa B.  My daughter fortified herself with breakfast pizza while I finished the last of our packing.  We checked our airplane was still on time, said our goodbyes, and headed for home.

By the time we got through security and to our gate, however, our plane had been canceled.  We waited a couple more hours for a plane to Las Vegas and had a 6 hour layover to get our plane home.  By the time we landed in Las Vegas, my daughter was VERY ready to be home.  My husband encouraged us to leave the airport and find some food and see the lights.  I usually prepare and research wherever we travel in order to make a plan for our food but, obviously, I had not anticipated this.  Our airline was able to help me get internet access at the airport and find us a restaurant not to far from the airport:  Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion.  www.roysrestaurant.com

We talked to the manager on the phone who seemed to know exactly what we needed, so we headed over.  When there the chef informed us that salmon would be out best option that evening.  Well, we both love that, so great!  Our server also made sure the soy sauce was a gluten-free one.  They brought a really delicious meal that was beautiful to look at also.  Even my daughter’s appetizer of apples, pears, carrots and celery with peanut butter was pretty.  It was a great place to stop, eat, rest, and regroup during what could have been a really trying evening.

My mom has been to Las Vegas before, so knew of a couple of places we could look at before heading back to the airport.  We went up in the model of the Eifel tower at the Paris Hotel to see all the lights. Then across the street to the Bellagio Hotel where we watched the fountains show spray water orchestrated to “O Holy Night” in Italian then English.  It was really spectacular, but I did find the song an interesting choice in Las Vegas!

We finally made it home.  My daughter scored an extra day off from school so she could sleep and I spent the day snuggling my youngest.  I sure missed my hubby and my other cuties while we were gone.