I know this isn’t a GFCF thing, but it was super fun.  Saturday night (after eating our fill of GFCF pizza) we went over to Tempe Town Lake.  There was a great FREE event there with live music, 50 tons of snow (?!), kids activities, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.  We watched the boat parade where about 50 boats all decked out in Christmas lights paraded on the lake with a firework finale.  Very cool.  It was like Holidazzle without the wind-chill.

Also, as a side note,  I discovered I can get more photos on my blog page per entry, but for some reason they don’t show on the main page.  So, if you see a big space click on “read more” to see more photos.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006 – 10:23 AM
I am SO glad to hear of your fun times in AZ!!  🙂  It sounds like, all in all, it was a trip that will be remembered fondly. LOVE the pics, too. You know, I grew up going to parades of boats much like the one you saw in AZ. It’s called the Parade of Lights and it’s held every December in honor of Christmas. I have such fond memories!!  All the boats are decked out and blarely their choice of holiday tunes. So fun! Glad you could enjoy it, too! 🙂