:  This site I have referenced since the start of going gluten-free (we were already dairy free because of ME).  You can find local support groups, lists of safe foods, success stories, implementing the GFCF diet and more.  It was a life saver for me when our diet changed.

I can’t mention the above site with out also talking about this great yahoo group:

The Yahoo group GFCF Kids  The people on this group and the GFCF recipes group are amazing!  Understand these are super active groups, so your mailbox will fill up fast if you don’t set for digest, but there is not one question you could ask about the diet or any sort of recipe and cooking question that you won’t get a ton of answers on.  Very understanding and supportive people who are living the GFCF life also and are passionate about helping others through it too.  The recipe archives are fabulous!

Above is my second sweetie.  She is the whole reason we went GFCF and have never regretted it for a second.  She is an amazing reminder everyday of God’s grace and His blessings.  She is also my most supportive cooking helper.  EVERYTHING tastes good to her!  She is even willing to try baking disasters, “just in case it’s tasty.”  She is also the one that likes her food to look good, not just be tasty.  Cute food was made for her!  And meatloaf.  She LOVES meatloaf!

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Thursday, November 9, 2006 – 09:22 AM
Who couldn’t love that face?? All your sweeties are just so adorable…physically of course but they ALL have such endearing personalities!! One can’t help but fall for them! And what a blessing online groups are, eh? Who knew we’d find such great support in a virtual world?! The internet…another one of man’s fabulous inventions/discoveries/time-consuming-and-addicting pastimes. 🙂