There are so many sites on the web about allergies, gluten-free, gfcf diet, etc.  Google away and you will be flooded!  I have done a ton of exploring and my bookmarked folder for gfcf is way too long.  There are some sites I do go back to time and time again.

One site is  This site is not dairy free, however, it is a wealth of information on being gluten free.  Everything from information on testing, recipes, and a TON of articles on celiac disease research and associated diseases and disorders.  Really interesting.

I find the easiest way to get around their site for me is to click on the “site index” on the left hand side of the page and scroll down to find what I am looking for.

Oh, and above, that’s my big guy in the picture.  He does not have to be gluten or dairy free, but does eat that way at home.  He is great at helping me brainstorm ways to make recipes work and testing them to see how “real” they taste.  He is turning out to be quite the good cook!  He loves to experiment with ingredients and see what happens just like I do.  He is super fun to cook with and to hang out with.  The girls couldn’t have a better big brother or us a better son.