It is time again for Secret Recipe Club reveal day!  Woo-hoo!  What is the Secret Recipe Club?  It’s a lot like Secret Santa, but with recipes.  Each month you are assigned a blog.  After selecting a recipe from that bloggers repertoire, you make and post it on reveal day.  It is a great way to find fun recipes and blogs.  I like how it gets me to actually sit down and go through another person’s blog.  Blogs are a lot of work and take time to put together.  Instead of skimming through just the new stuff (as is usually easier when we see a new blog) it is fun to really sit down and go through what else the blog has to offer.  Fun stuff!

This month my assignment was a wonderful blog written by Loy of From Grandma Loy’s Kitchen.  This blog has something for everyone.  Delicious bars, cookies and brownies (Almond Joy Fudgies, PB & J Streusel Bars, and Glazed Pineapple Bars are just a few) and wonderful main dishes (Canton Crispy Chicken Stir Fry, Sweet and Sour Meatloaf and Curried Raspberry Catalina Pork Tenderlion).  So yummy.  What really caught my eye on Loy’s blog is all the Make you Own Groceries.  You know how much I love to make your own things from scratch.  Head over to Loy’s lovely blog and check it out.  The recipe I ended up picking out was one my youngest daughter really wanted to make, Nutty Marshmallows.  It is not hard in the least, hardly needs any ingredients, but it is delicious AND, the most important is a simple thing to make with your kids.  Thank you, Loy, for the  wonderful recipe and the memories I made this weekend with my daughter.

Nutty Marshmallows are super fun and easy to make, perfect to whip up with the kiddos.  If you have really little peeps, do the dipping into the hot dairy free milk sub yourself (I used coconut milk – YUM) before letting the kids roll in nuts. These taste amazing, sort of like the salted nut rolls of my past diary filled life.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we added big gluten free heart sprinkles.  Add any sprinkles (we found large ones work best) before rolling in nuts.  We also added sticks to help with the dipping and because everything is more fun on a stick!  I hope you have as much fun making these as we did.  Enjoy and THANK YOU Loy!  I will be back for some of your wonderful mixes.  🙂

The Recipe: Nutty Marshmallows

Sprinkle these with a pinch of salt and they are a bit like salted nut rolls. Love it!
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  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups gluten & dairy free milk substitute of choice, I used one can coconut milk
  • 1 10 ounce package gluten free marshmallows
  • 3 cups toasted and finely chopped nuts
  • optional, sprinkles, chopped chocolate, etc.
  • optional, pop sticks


  • Heat milk substitute in a small deep saucepan until very hot, but do not allow to boil. Place nuts in a shallow container and have any skrinkles you are using out and assessable. Place a plate to put the rolled marshmallows on close to the saucepan of hot milk substitute.
  • With a pair of tongs, dip a marshmallow into the hot milk substitute. OR put a pop stick into the marshmallow and use the stick for dipping. Leave the marshmallow in for 10-15 seconds. Add large sprinkles if using, then put marshmallow on the ground nuts. Use a spoon to drop nuts onto the top of the marshmallow then roll to completely cover with nuts. Set onto plate to cool. Makes about 36 marshmallows. Put in a single layer in a shallow container and cover to store. These are best eaten within two or three days of making. At our house they never last that long.