We did this a couple of year’s ago on a camping trip and it’s now requested every time we go.  It sounds a little weird, but it is tasty.  My youngest, however, does NOT like things all mushed together, so she made herself a cold boat and ate the components one at a time.  (See above photo-the little cutie!)

Banana Boats


mini marshmallows

GFCF chocolate chips or peices

double layer of heavy duty foil

Lay out your double layer of foil.  Cut the long way into a banana (with peel still on!!) almost, but not completely through.  Stuff with chocolate and mini marshmallows.

Fold foil around your creation, sealing well.  We fold and crimp the edges.  Put on grate over fire.  Roast for a few minutes, then flip.  After a couple of more minutes, carefully remove foil packet from fire and check if marshmallows and chocolate are melted and banana cooked.  If they are, scoop the resulting yummy-ness out with a spoon and eat!