I use this for cakes, cupcakes and frosting cookies that I don’t want/need to freeze.  It sets up much softer, so stacking is not possible without losing decorating details.  But this is very creamy and looks great on a simple round cookie with some sprinkles tossed on.  Super kid friendly.  It is also a good frosting to put between cookies as the creamy center in a sandwich cookie.  Do not freeze, however, as the icing separates.  If you need to make cookies ahead of time and still want to use this icing, bake, cool and freeze the unfrosted cookies.  The day before or the day that you need them, thaw the cookies  and decorate.

I feel a bit guilty thinking about frosting today as my friend, Cari (see the Undomestic link) is running a marathon today.  Go, Cari!  Woo-hoo!!  I hope you have fun on the Chocolate mile!  Mom, teacher, grad student, writer, marathoner all while being very real and down to earth, not to mention very sweet.  She is quite amazing!

Myself?  Well, I am now going to go eat a cupcake and take a nap.

GFCF “Butter Cream” Icing

3 T  GFCF margarine (I use Earth Balance), room temperature

3 T  organic palm shortening

1 1/2 C  confectioners’ sugar

2 T  GFCF rice milk

1/2 t  GFCF vanilla extract — or desired flavoring

In a medium bowls beat together all ingredients until thoroughly mixed and smooth.  Color with gel food coloring if desired.  Makes 1 cup of icing.


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Thursday, October 26, 2006 – 11:48 PM
YOU are the one who’s so sweet!  You forgot that although I do that “other stuff”, I don’t cook, clean or keep anything organized!  I also forget dates of birthdays, times of parties, and to send in checks for school pictures.  None of which is the least bit amazing!And OFF the subject of icing and cakes….Brenda did a quick blurb about the imporance of our kds eating healthy food for brain development (or soemthing like that).  So I was wondering if you had maybe some suggestions for healthy kids’ foods / snack or something you could throw together as a complement to her article.  If not, it’s no big deal..I know you’re incredibly busy.  I can probably find something online.

Also, if you have anything from your fabulous 60 second tidbit you’d like to include in the newsletter, please let me know.

Off to sleep I need to go!

You’re GREAT!!!!