Maggie and Amy are the amazing duo behind The Balanced Platter, a wonderful site were you can go for reliable, comprehensive, easy-to-access information about balanced and healthy living.  Their primary goal is to help others see that eating well and living balanced can and should be simple.  They want to show how to give your family the very best whole-foods diet without breaking the budget or spending all day in the kitchen.  It is a beautiful philosophy and one they encourage with every post.


I was thrilled to be asked to share a little something with the readers at The Balanced Platter.  With Spring finally sprung, I turned to two of my favorite (and abundant) Spring items:  eggs and maple syrup.  The syrup season has just ended here and my chickens are laying the most lovely eggs.  Combine the two with coconut milk and you get Dairy Free Maple Pot de Creme, a creamy nourishing treat for your family that I promise is easy to make despite the fancy name.  Stop over at The Balanced Platter for the recipe.