So, another week, and still no new router.  The new ETA is Wednesday…  Wow, that is a long time with 2 teens and 4 adults in the house to have a extremely pokey plugged in connection.  At least we have one, right?

Anyway, before I get booted off the single connection, here is this week’s menu.  The Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted by Heather of Celiac Family this week.  She has picked mint as the theme for the week.  My mint is just starting to perk up and I should be able to start harvesting a small about starting next week.  One of my favorite uses for mint in the summer is in Ginger Pear Mint Iced Tea.  I love it after a day digging around in the garden.

As I have to share the connection in a moment, here is my menu plan without links.  I’ll link everything I can later on today.  See you then!

Monday: Salsa burgers, homemade GF buns, herbed roasted oven fries, salad

Tuesday:  Slow Cooker post roast and salad

Wednesday:  Chicken, bok choy  and cashew stir fry over rice

Thursday:  Ginger Sweet potato chicken bake with a salad

Friday:  Enchilada meatballs, corn bread muffins, salad

This post will also be linked up to Menu Plan Monday at!