For Menu Plan Monday, see Laura of Organizing Junkie fame.  Book of Yum is the host of the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week.  She has picked eggplant for the theme this week and has one of my favorite dips, Baba Ghanoush.  They all actually planned menus on Monday this week, so you might want to check it out!  ;o)

For lunches this last week of summer, my kids get their favorite thing:  breakfast!  As I am stocking my freezer with hot-before-school breakfast items, they get them for lunch that day also with veggies and fruit.  That way I am only making a few extra for lunch while stocking the freezer at the same time.  Nice!

On Friday I will be back with Gluten Free-zer Friday, so hope to see you then!

Monday: Make pumpkin waffles to freeze for school breakfasts/back to school night for my 8th grader

Ham and garden veggie frittata, grapes, salad

Tuesday:  go to the library/Make zucchini and apple streusel muffins and freeze for school breakfasts/Make mini corn dogs for the fair tomorrow (I don’t really need to, but it’s something fun for the girls and I’ll freeze the extras as a lunchbox treat)/back to school night for my 6th grader

Hamburgers, salad, mellon

Wednesday: Go to the State Fair (woo!) or maybe Valley Fair (either way – woo!)

Mini Corn Dogs (made Tuesday for those of us who are GF and brought in a soft sided mini cooler in the backpack- everybody else can buy one at the Fair), and other gluten free things from the fair – we usually get fries (there are GF fries at the Fair – woo!), giant strawberries (without the whipped cream for us), apple cider popsicles, etc.

Thursday: Make pear pancakes and regular pancakes to freeze for breakfasts/back to school night for my 1st grader

Chicken and Garden Veggie Stir-fry, rice

Friday:  Make English muffins to freeze for breakfasts/Make “eggwiches” to freeze for breakfasts

Tacos and Salad or Taco Salad – I’ll decide later…