Day Seven of the countdown has us looking at our homes for a pre-holiday spruce up.  Keep it realistic and in your time, energy and budget.  My big things?  Work on cleaning out the garden this morning and then this afternoon work on the insanity that is my basement.  I am starting with sorting out grown kid clothes, setting aside things for my youngest and packing the rest by size for a garage sale this summer.  That is as good of a place to start as any and, trust me, it will make a huge impact on the basement!


The recipe for today is a nut-cranberry bread.  I might need to try the Cranberry Apple Muffins from Ginger Lemon Girl (baked into mini loaves and using coconut yogurt for the dairy),  Cranberry Bread by Gluten Free by the Bay, the Cranberry-Nut Bread from Gluten Free Mommy or the Orange Cranberry Bread by Shut Up and Eat.  Or maybe I have to make all of them, you know, just to see which I like?  mmmm…..