At my June gluten and dairy free cooking class WCCO news came to interview me and record part of my class for a story they are doing on the “Autism Diet,” or the GFCF diet.  One of my students had just started the diet and was letting WCCO follow the progress and effect on their child and the family.  The students that day wanted to know when it was going to be airing.  Well, we have a date of July 24, 2008 on the 10 p.m. WCCO News.  I get to be at the station that night for the “Web Chat.”  That part should be pretty fun.

**I am a bit nervous about the story for a couple of reasons and they are all completely vain and all relating to ME.  Yeah, I know.   Pathetic, huh?  The night of my class was REALY, REALY windy.  And I didn’t have a comb… so, yeah, I don’t really know what my hair will be doing in the interview.  Also, as I had to stand in a certain spot and asked to move my shoulder one inch over, leading me to  suddenly realize I couldn’t move.  Or could I?  Anyone who knows me knows my hands and face are in constant motion during conversation.  I am a bit of an animated critter and I MUST. MOVE. WHEN. TALKING.  So, as I know I am constantly scrunching up my face in various contorted ways (oh, my poor husband), I was trying not to move my face too much either.  (Yeah, I know, kinda dumb, huh?)  I hope I don’t look like I was injected with Botox right before the interview.  And, I can only hope I am on air for 5 seconds or less, which I am sure is the case, so I need to get over it already. Now you know how vain I am.  Sad, isn’t it?  (Did I mention how windy it was??)  As you can see in the above photo, my kids get their sense of style from me….  Yeah….**