The stomach flu hit our house Thursday afternoon.  By Friday it had got me…  You DO NOT want the details!  I just hope everyone else had a much more pleasant weekend.  So, anyway, planning food?  Not on the top of my list today.  Blah!  But apparently kids like to eat so I had better figure something out before I have a mutiny on my hands.

My menu this week is VERY subject to change as I am sure things will be sounding better to me as the week progresses.  Thursday and Friday will be added later when food sounds good again and I am feeling inspired.  I will probably see what I already have in the pantry, freezer, and fridge and use up some stuff in there instead of running to the store for those days.

We did get the Slow Cooker Turkey Cutlet in Mango Salsa (from the Crockpot Lady, who got it done with pork fromKarin) before we got sick and it was a hit!  Very tasty.  We will be making this again.  Thanks to the Crockpot Lady and Karin!  You rock!

For some “real” planning, head over to Menu Plan Monday and see what everybody else is cooking.  For those of you who just want tasty gluten free menus, check out the Gluten Free Menu Swap hosted by the Gluten Free Mommy.  Cilantro is the theme ingredient for the week.   I can’t wait to check out everybody’s menus.  I need to find some inspiration for my poor tummy!

To bake this week:  banana muffins and other breakfast goodies for the kiddos (pumpkin waffles, etc. – the freezer supply if LOW), gluten free bread.

Monday: Mommy works 5 hours/Baseball practice:

Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew (mommy needs some comfort food!  Made with leftovers from Sunday.)  Chicken stew was on several menus over on Slow Cooking Thursday last week.

Tuesday:  Mommy works 5 hours/piano practice night:

Clean-out-the-fridge” Omelets, and Spinach Salad topped with mango and strawberries 

Wednesday:  Mommy works 10 hours:

Ground Beef and Bean StewCorn Bread, Guacamole, Mixed salad Greens (a hold over from last Thursday, but we just couldn’t face all that flavor…)  I’ll be sure to garnish with cilantro to tie into  the Gluten Free Menu Swap’s theme ingredient for the week!  This soup can also be done with ground bison, turkey or skip the meat and add more beans and veggie stock for a vegetarian version.

Thursday:  Mom’s Bible Study/Girl Scout Night/Band Concert:

Slow Cooking Thursday:  I don’t know yet… eh…  **To be updated**

Friday:  Family Small Group:

Freezer Friday:  I will be posting how I put up individual meals for my hubby in the freezer.  I will also be posting a gluten and dairy free freezer friendly meal to share, also.

            I don’t know yet…  (I need a nap…zzzzz)  **To be updated**

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Monday, April 21, 2008 – 03:36 AM
hi to another gluten-free menu swapper! I hope you feel better soon- the stomach flu is no good!-sea

Monday, April 21, 2008 – 08:58 AM
great gluten free menu angela!! I’m glad you are part of the GF menu swap!!