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Hello, all!  This week I put in a little something that was on two menus from last week’s Menu Plan Monday:  Fish Tacos from The Cole Mine and Fish Taco Salad from Pure Sugar.   They both sound tasty.  I am not sure yet while one it’ll be, and of course which ever will be a gluten and dairy free version.  Thanks for the inspiration, you guys!

Go over to Menu Plan Monday and get some inspiration of your own!

Monday:  Hamburgers, Tatter Tots, salad and apple slices

Tuesday:  Fish Tacos/Fish Taco Salad

Wednesday:  Calico Beans with Coleslaw and Corny Corn Bread Muffins

Thursday:  Wild Rice Chicken Soup with Garlic Bread and

Friday:  Up in the air – small group family get together

A little something for the up coming Holiday season:

One thing I do to make the upcoming Holiday season a little less stressful for our family is to loosely follow a countdown-type of plan.  There are a couple on the net that I really like:  the six week count down to Christmas athttp://organizedchristmas.com and the mega planning session at http://holidaygrandplan.com.  Let’s face it, though, I am NOT organized enough or ready enough to start my Holiday planning August 26th like for the Grand Plan, but I do like to get more baking in and freezer meals ready than Organized Christmas calls for.  I just gotta have more made up ahead of time – it’s just a reality of the whole gluten free dairy free life!  Besides, it’s a lot more fun for the family and me if we spread out the baking love over the next few weeks and don’t make the Holidays into a panic-fest.  I would like to TRY to keep the focus on the whole reason for the season.

So, I am going to be posting my week by week plans, baking schedule, and just some fun things our family will be doing as we go along starting tomorrow.  I hope you all enjoy it and can join in, too!  Much will be going along with the Christmas Countdown (I need the accountability, for sure!  And the free printouts are GREAT!), but adding on my own gluten-free spin.  The Christmas Countdown started on Sunday with a Get Organized message.  Today’s is a chat about making a Holiday Planner Notebook.  Great idea!  You will be able to add and tweek it year to year, but most of you work is already done for the next year.  This has really been a life saver for me for each Holiday – the menus are planned and my time table is set – so much easier.  This week’s “Houseworks” is focused on organizing the family spaces in your home.  I hope this is as helpful for others as it is for me.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday, October 22, 2007

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Monday, October 22, 2007 – 08:37 PM
I love Fish Tacos!  I’ll have to make those next week.  Thank you for the suggestion.
This is one of the main reasons I love Menu Mondays.
Have a great week.