A friend of mine got an Easy Bake oven for Christmas.  She always wanted one as a kid, and now has kids herself to justify it.  Looking at that cute little oven got me to thinking about all the gluten -free kiddos with no Easy Bake.  I found some “make your own mixes” with wheat flour on line and even some gluten free mixes by Food-Tek, Inc., but they contain dairy.  Miss Roben’s site does have 5 recipes on their site at http://allergygrocer.com/id345.html for allergen free Easy Bake fun, but no cake.

Now maybe I am a weirdo (well, duh), but there just has to be more!  I think I have to get something together this weekend.  We do not have an cute little Easy Bake oven, but we do have mini pans, a long weekend,  and kids with a passion for tiny, cute food.  I think that having mini-mixes made up and on hand might be nice for my kids who would bake every day.

This could be fun!

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Monday, January 15, 2007 – 07:35 AM
I had a Holly Hobby oven.  Note, it didn’t transfer any baking skills to my adult life!   You’re always thinking about ways to adapt for your kids…..so wonderful!!!!