Being completely ditzy, today we missed the pick-up day for groceries for the local mission for Thanksgiving.  We talked to the guy picking everything up and he said we could drop off our bags at the mission.  Great!!  So, this afternoon we packed up the kids and my mom and headed out to the store.

Well, there we were, putting gluten filled stuffing, etc. into our bags and my kids are reading the labels.  “These aren’t gluten-free, Mom!  Get them out of our cart!”  Yes, that is true, but it’s not for us.  Still, my kids keep reading labels.  Do I have them trained or what?  They even picked out more healthy types of cereal and extra big bags of rice so whoever gets our bags will get extra food that is not “all sugary, ‘cause that isn’t much of a favor to somebody else.”  How sweet are my kiddies?  Then they did also put in a treat, “’cause a treat is fun to look forward to.”

I had the best time with them picking out their stuff.  They each had a bag to fill and one shoe box to fill for Operation Christmas Child.  This is the big drop off week!  It is so amazing seeing your kids take this so seriously and think about each item they are putting in their box.

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Monday, November 13, 2006 – 07:20 PM
I’m all for teaching our kids to read the labels. What we put into our bodies is SO very important.  God may be our source of life but I believe He needs us to do our part, too.  🙂  I think you are such a fabulous influence on your kiddies, Angela.  In all areas of course but in this particular one.  God bless you for your diligence in providing your cutie-pies with the kind of fuel that does a body good.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 – 07:18 AM
You are so sweet.  I don’t know about being a great influence on them, but when I see how healthy they are when they are eating well for them (and I think back to what things were like when we started) I know we can’t go back to that!  I feel so blessed that God had shown us so clearly something I can actively do for my kids for their health.  Well, that and cookies, too, of course!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 – 02:15 PM
So I guess my son seeing me eat potato chips and coke for dinner last night wasn’t a good thing, huh?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 – 06:19 AM
You are so funny!  You can just call that a snacky dinner.  That’s what we do when it’s popcorn night.  My personal favorite is backwards dinner day.  That is when you eat dessert FIRST!  WOO HOO!