We don’t just eat cookies around here (though it might seem like it!)   We also eat quite a bit of tasty healthy food, too!  One of the great things that we have added to our diet in the past year is coconut water kefir.  We use the starter from body ecology which we can get at our local store (lucky for us).  I follow the instructions on the website  http://bodyecology.com/mcoconutkefir.php  but as I don’t have a machette and coconuts rolling around in my kitchen, I use the coconut water from Harvest Bay (VitaCoco also has coconut water www.vitacoco.com).

I use the coconut water kefir in our morning smoothies for the kiddies, though I drink it straight quite often.  I have been experimenting using it in gluten-free sour doughs and in presoaking our grains before cooking (following traditional preparation techniques outlined in “Nourishing Traditions”) to increase absorbtion of nutrients and to breakdown phytic acid in whole grains.  I figure our digestion can all use the help!

You should try it!  Coconut water kefir is super easy to make and it has really helped with digestion issues with our family.  It is light and tangy, a bit like lemonade. Even picky girl drinks it!