GF Menu Swap-RainbowCabbage


It was a good week seeing the big boy before he headed back to college. Boy, do I miss him when he’s gone… This week it’s all about the girls and their Spring Break. We’ll be hanging around home this year, playing with friends, getting shorts out (we can dream!), pampering our dog who is having surgery this week, baking and just being together. We’ve got the maple trees tapped (thanks to my son setting everything up before he left), so we’ll also be starting our yearly syrup project.

For our menu plan this week the girls picked some favorites they want to help make. We’ll also be cooking up an apple sauce bunt cake (just for fun), blueberry french toast bake and some high-protein breakfast treats to stash in the freezer (for when they go back to school). We’ll see where the rest of the week takes us.

Heather of Celiac Family is hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week. We’re on to green this week with Cabbage. I never liked it growing up (except in cole slaw). I think this was mainly due to my dad’s “boiled dinner” of ham, potato, onion and cabbage boiled in salted water until really, really, REALLY mushy… (shudder). My dad makes the best meatloaf and chili, so not sure what the deal was with that meal… Anyhow, when I grew up I was determined to try cabbage again. Guess what? I liked it! I just don’t make boiled dinner (sorry, dad!)… I have quite a few cabbage recipes on the blog such as Lazy Cabbage Roll Casserole, Napa Cabbage Slaw, Mongolian Chicken and Veggies, Kimchi, Cilantro Cashew Salad, Apple Slaw, Chinese Dumplings (Potstickers), Fish Tacos with Red Cabbage SlawSlow Cooker Moo Shu ChickenCorn RelishSlow Cooker Pork Lo Mein, and Honey-Orange Bean & Vegetable Slaw. How do you serve cabbage?

Gluten Free Dairy Free OAMC Teriyaki Burgers

mongolian chicken and veggiesgluten & dairy free hamburger buns

Pineapple-Garlic Pork Chops


Monday: Teriyaki Burgers with Napa Cabbage Slaw

Tuesday: Lazy Cabbage Casserole and a salad and chunky applesauce

Wednesday: Mongolian Chicken and Veggies served over Basic Brown Rice

Thursday: Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes on Gluten & Dairy Free Hamburger Buns with roasted carrots and salad

Friday: Pineapple-Garlic Pork Chops and Cilantro Cashew Salad


This menu plan is also linked up with Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.