Some of the veggie choices will change or become more refined during the week depending on my garden and what we get in our CSA box on Wednesday.

Monday:  CC practice/Dance class for big girl/Back to School night for the high school

Broiled cod, roasted butternut squash, salad

Tuesday: CC practice/middle school soccer/piano lessons

(need portable dinner):  BLT’s, melon, salad

Wednesday: Mom prayer group/picture day for little girl/mommy volunteer in 2nd grade class/CC practice/little girl dance class/youth group

Spinach burgers, salad, and probably raspberries (red and golden) and a variety of baby tomatoes and summer squash

Thursday: CC practice and picture day/middle school soccer/CC carbo load

Sirloin steak, sauteed radishes and greens, green beans

Friday: IEP meeting/mom volunteer in school library/CC meet/homecoming

Slow cooker chicky legs, quinoa, salad

Saturday: CC workout/homecoming dance

*        *        *        *        *

I am just getting back into the swing of blogging and need to catch up with emails and comments from you all.  Rest assured that I will respond very soon, now that I am hanging out with the computer again.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!

*        *        *        *        *

I hope you all had a great summer vacation!  I did and am ready to get back into the swing of things.  What have I been doing and where have I been the past three months?  Well, I am glad you asked!

The kids finished school the first week of June.  That time is always filled with a flurry of activities.  There was the piano recital (and cupcakes for the recital, of course),

track and field day,

violin concert, band concert, dance recital,

honor students celebration (A honor roll, baby! Woo!), etc., etc…

The last day of school was a half day.  My son was home for 40 minutes before he had to leave for a sailing trip on Lake Superior with the Boy Scouts.  Great for him, a bummer for his mom (he was gone for 5 days).  About 10 days after coming home, my son then went on a canoe trip to the BWCA with Boy Scouts.  This time he left for 10 days.  (sigh…)

Grandpa came to visit and brought his cycle.

We picked strawberries.

Books were read to sisters (notice it’s a cookbook – I love my family!)

and books were read to dogs.

The girls both played soccer this summer, so there were games and practices galore.











The girls and I went to Girl Scout Day camp.  Total fun!

We did a little camping as a family (notice the kids are on dish duty – woo-hoo!),

visited the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi,

saw a really old pine tree,

and picked the nose of Babe the Big Blue Ox.

The kids grew, but not as tall as Paul Bunyan (whew!).

I got my Master Food Preserver certification (I know. I am SUCH a geek!)

I was honored to teach 4 sessions for the Parents of Galactosemic Children National Conference.

My son went to Washington D.C. and the 100 year anniversary Boy Scout Jamboree.  A-may-ZING trip!!

The girls and I went to Girl Scout Day camp again.  This camp also hosted scouts from Japan, which was a great camp experience for us all.

Braces were removed from teeth.  Apples and corn on the cob were soon feasted on.

Hair was donated.

Bikes were ridden without training wheels (big brother bike teachers are the BEST!)

Daisy Girl Scouts bridged to Brownies.

And some of us kayaked for the first time and loved it.

There were many other things that made this summer so fun, so busy and so filled.  I will recap some of the bigger highlights over the next couple of weeks (I found the best dairy free white chocolate this summer, for example.  Mmmm…), so keep an eye out for that.  I’ll be back Friday with another Freezer Food Friday.  See you then!

It’s good to be back.  Thanks for hanging with me.  :o)