From the Spring '09 Club 56 Fun Night.

Head over to Organized Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.  The Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted this week by Asparagus Thin.  She has chosen radish as the theme ingredient.

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

My freezer is pretty bare right now, so this week I’ll be working on getting my freezer stocked with some food (and working on my Once a Month Mom Cook Off), so most of my meals are doubled up –  one for the meal and one (or more) for the freezer.  It’s how I do most of my freezer cooking.  I don’t usually double up a meal  everyday of the week, however, as I am this week.  I am just getting a jump start on my freezer filling this week.

Usually, I double up meals for freeze only two or three days a week.  Days that are not very busy, or I know I can pack the slow cooker with an extra meal, or if there is a big sale on an item.   It only takes me a few extra minutes while everything is out for dinner to assemble an extra meal with the same ingredients.  Then, for the other days of the week, I often use freezer meals from past weeks, or the slow cooker to get dinner on the table with a minimum of fuss.  Everyone thinks I must spend all day in the kitchen, but the truth is I really only fully cook dinner a few days a week.  My homemade freezer meals and slow cooker take care of the other days. It saves my sanity and schedule, let me tell ya!

Monday:  after school band play practice/Waligazu

Bake plan:  3 loaves gluten free/dairy free bread (reg loaf, cinnamon swirl, 1 baked like buns for Thursday night) and pumpkin muffins

Easy Taco Bake (one for tonight/one to freeze), salad

Tuesday: middle school spring pictures/mom volunteer in elementary library/after school band play practice/piano lessons

Pizza (make 6 in the morning- 3 for dinner/3 to freeze), salad.  Pack dinner for piano party with gf cupcakes from freezer.

Wednesday: after school band practice/little girl dance class

Beef Empadas (make in morning, most to freeze/some for dinner.  Ham, broccoli, and “cheese” empadas for anti-food girl), salad

Thursday:  Make pancake muffins/opening night of middle school play

Slow Cooker Turkey Sloppy Joes (half for dinner/half to freeze), roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, and a salad

Friday: Make banana pancakes for breakfast (freeze extra)

General Tso Chicken with pea pods and broccoli, rice