This past week was the first week of school for my little sweeties.  Okay, maybe not so little (my oldest is over 6 foot tall!).



Here is what we packed for lunch this first week, just some ideas for your lunches if you are stuck on what to pack.  I sent some extra treat-type things as it was the first week of school.

Everyone wanted a juice pouch, ham and turkey on mommy’s gluten free bread (the big kids had fresh spinach and tomato slices on theirs), pea pods, apple bunnies (apple slices for the big kids), and a big chocolate chip cookie.  A zucchini muffin is for snack time.

IMG_0207 IMG_0208

I made a bit of extra pizza dough at dinner time on Tuesday so I could make calzones with leftover pizza toppings.  Yum!  Pizza calzone with water, pineapple and pea pods and lunch box sized chocolate chip cookies.  (My little one only took half of a calzone and saved the rest for another day.)


I had almond butter or sunbutter sandwiches with banana slices planned until we got the allergy note home from first grade.  I generally try not to send peanut butter to the younger grades as peanut allergies are so common now, but the note says “no tomato, peanuts or tree nuts.”  I want to check with the school nurse to be sure if this may also include sunbutter before sending it, so back to the ham and turkey for us.  (It turns out our class got the wrong note – our class is no peanuts and eggs – but we can have eggs in our lunches if we wash hands after lunch.  Sunbutter, tree nut butters, and sesame is okay to bring.  Thank goodness!).   Ham and turkey, baby dill pickles, baby carrot/garden tomatoes, red grapes/blue berries/pineapple, mini zucchini muffin, and chocolate “milk.”


Water, curried chicken salad sandwiches, watermelon, baby carrots, lunchbox sized chocolate chip cookies.  My littlest one (the pickiest eater EVER!) had the other half of her pizza calzone because chicken salad is “slimy”.  (sigh…)